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Movie Review – Mobile

I had a chance to watch Cellular the other day and my initial thought was that here we go with a different spin-off of Phone Booth, another movie with someone forced to stay on the phone for 90 a while while we cringe in our chair. But, to my surprise, this is
really a very enjoyable movie. I’m am not quite sure what genre to classify this movie because it has it all. Suspense, drama, activity, comic relief; this movie gets all.

The movie begins with the kidnapping of Jessica Martin, performed with Kim Bassinger.
Jessica is a high school science teacher, (that happens to wear fishnet stockings!!) Who has her home broken into and inexplicably taken away to an unknown location by the”bad guys” and put in an attic. They smash the telephone hanging on the walls and proceed to lock Jessica in the loft. Jessica subsequently”drains” the damaged telephone (remember – she’s a science instructor ) and is able to randomly dial up a contact number.
Jessica finds a reside amount and lo and behold, it is Ryan’s cell phone.
The movie then proceeds from there. Jessica cries for someone she doesn’t understand in a desperate request for assistance. Ryan originally has the usual response that everyone would have when getting a call like this, but goes beyond the call of duty in a bid to save a woman that he doesn’t even understand.
I am not going to be the spoiler and this is all I am going to let you know, but this is a excellent sleeper movie. Can it be a little far fetched? Yes, but so what. Forget about your own problems and sit and watch Mobile, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!q